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Docusaurus Problems

Day 1 of using Docusaurus and I'm already pretty disappointed in it. Maybe someone knows how to solve these problems, but online searches and Docusaurus's own documentation has yet to turn up solutions.


  • impossible to disable the dynamic tab title

    Docusaurus produces funky titles (like the title being duplicated) to the point where I've set the title and delimiter to empty strings.

  • recommended search behavior requires a backend

    Third party plugins provide offline searching.

  • some dark mode CSS var overrides require !important

  • impossible to disable or customize many features (like "previous", "next" buttons, archive page title, etc.)

    workaround: hide them with custom styles

  • it's strangely slow

    My work's big web app dev server starts in ~300ms. Docusaurus's dev server takes 3.5 seconds to start, even without any blog posts at all.

  • customization is hard

    For example, there's no index.html page. I have to insert custom HTML with JavaScript properties in the Docusaurus config file.

  • docusaurus start on-change reloads don't actually propagate changes to the website half the time

  • it automatically transforms date strings from markdown file names into a URL with slashes between each date part (like gets turned into /2024/05/27/my-post), but each path part is not a valid page. (Meaning, /2024/05/ does not exist.)

    I worked around this by adding my own post processor that reverts the slashes back into dashes in my Docusaurus config here.


  • syntax highlighting in code blocks
    export const myVar = 'string value';
  • RSS/Atom/JSON feed generated by default


Docusaurus is good enough for now. However, the next time I've got a blank slate (when does that even happen?) I'll roll my own solution.